Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom still going strong

Rumours of Katy Perry’s relationship with Orlando Bloom being on the rocks were put to bed on Sunday after they were pictured boarding a private jet together in California. The pictures came out shortly after Katy revealed that they had spent time together during Thanksgiving – despite rumours circulating of an impending split.

It is only last week that reports if the couple ending their relationship, just 10 months after they started dating. The reports had suggested that Orlando, 39, had confessed to his friends that he was ending their relationship.

But days later Katy posted a video that showed Orlando with her family during Thanksgiving. In the video, Orlando was seen holding a baby as he checked something on his phone. Another snippet showed him laughing with Katy with her father speaking to the camera.

Orlando, who stars in “Lord Of The Rings” is ex-husband to Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr and they have a son together while Katy, 32, was previously married to Russell Brand, the British comedian.

Meanwhile Katy Perry’s upcoming studio album, her fifth, will include songs touching on the recent US Presidential election.

The singer supported Hillary Clinton and she was left in tears after Hillary lost out to Republican nominee Donald Trump. Had she won she would have been America’s first woman president.

The political events have inspired Katy Perry to rethink the direction of her upcoming album which was set to be released before the end of the year. It has now been pushed back as the “Firework” hitmaker seeks to bring “unity” to the US after Trump’s shocking win.

Days after Trump’s win, Katy donated $10,000 to the non-profit Planned Parenthood which Trump has said he will defund.

Katy’s disappointment after Hillary’s loss was not helped by the fact that both her parents are Republicans and they voted for Trump.

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